A Spooky Side of History: How Ghost Tours Are a Part of Local History

Ghosts and paranormal activity tends to be shelved on the black list for many historical societies and professions. However, as historians we need to find new and inventive ways to reach the people in our community - such as telling local history through the perspective of ghost stories. Tinker Swiss Cottage Museum's Executive Director, Samantha Hochmann, will share how Tinker Swiss Cottage was able to take ghost stories and turn them into not only a unique way to share local history but also into a new revenue source. 

Samantha Hochmann, Executive Director at Tinker Swiss Cottage Museum

Samantha received her MA in European and American History from Northern Illinois University. Samantha joined the staff of Tinker Swiss Cottage in 2016, working her way from a part-time docent position to a full-time position as the Director of Education, then on to the Executive Director. She currently volunteers at other local museums in the area, is part of the Haunted Rockford organization, and is Secretary of the Rockford Historical Society.