2018 Conference Resources

Thank you to all those who attended the second annual Stateline Small Museums Conference! 

Below are copies of any handouts and slides that were shared by presenters for online dissemination. If a resource or presentation is not here, then the presenter chose not to share it on the website. 


Collections Track

Considerations when Launching a Digitization Project - Josh Hickman

Presentation Slides


Constructing Storage Containers for Small Museums - Nicolette B. Meister

Presentation Slides


Found In Collections (FIC): Pathways for Resolving Undocumented Objects in Museum Collections - Danielle Benden

Presentation Slides

Administrative Track

Strategic Planning for the Small Museum - Dave Oberg

Presentation Slides

Filling the Ranks: Finding and Keeping the Volunteers You Need - Laura Furman & Kim Ortega  

Presentation Slides


Partnerships & Funding for Small Museums & Historical Societies - Meg Turville-Heitz & Mark Hallett


Grant Workshop Worksheet

Multiplier Grants

Action Grants

Illinois Speaks Micro-Grants



Fundraising for the Small Museum - Brian Reis

Presentation Slides