The Humanity Behind the History: Interpreting Military History in the Age of Google and 'Call of Duty'

Visitor engagement with military history has often been limited to surface level interpretation – weapons, uniforms, tactics, equipment, etc. In an era of video games and Wikipedia, with a continually declining national veteran population, it is more important than ever that we re-calibrate our approach to military history in museums.  Join us for a conversation on how military history has traditionally been addressed in museums, the public's preconceived understanding of military history and the veteran story, and the opportunities we have to change those perceptions through exhibits and programs.

Kevin Hampton - Curator of History, Wisconsin Veterans Museum

Kevin Hampton serves as the Curator of History at the Wisconsin Veterans Museum in Madison, WI. Serving as the lead of the museum's content and interpretation team, for the better part of a decade Kevin has donned many hats during his tenure at the Wisconsin Veterans Museum from educator and program assistant to exhibit designer, and more.