What Makes a Thing an Artifact?

How often have we heard, “That ought to be in a museum”? Should it? Matching the goals of artifact collecting with our mission and within the constraints of limited resources is an enormous challenge facing every type of collecting institution, large and small. Our audiences frequently have different understandings of what we should collect. Wisconsin Historical Society Curator, Joe Kapler, will share experiences and offer suggestions for having the best possible artifact donor engagement experience, so that acquisitions serve the mission and the community now and in the future.

Joe Kapler - Lead Curator, Wisconsin Historical Society

Joe Kapler received a BA from Loras College (Iowa), an MA in American history from Marquette University, and an MA in museum studies from Eastern Illinois University.  Joe interned in several states, spent three years at the Public Museum of Grand Rapids (Michigan), and joined the staff of the Wisconsin Historical Society in 2001.  Joe has curated ten major exhibitions and numerous smaller displays.  His other major responsibilities include long-range planning, developing collections, and producing content for many outlets. He recently published his first book,Wisconsin in Watercolor: the Life and Legend of Folk Artist Paul Seifert.